Paver Decks

Paver decks are a great option to install for residential second story decks, restaurant patios, and more. As you work on the design and use of your roof, take some time to consider how Rhino Roofing can help you install a plaza paver system.

Paver Deck Experts

Paver decks are a great investment in a variety of applicants, both commercial and residential. They are great to increase value are are a more cost effective solution over wood decks. The addition of pavers can create space or smooth out areas. Paver decks are also a great option to add in the winter. Their smooth surface is ideal for shoveling snow and removing snow and ice from a residential property or walkways.

When looking for a way to enhance the overall look of an outdoor space, there are options with pavers to create a unique look in multiple colors.


Rhino Roofing can assist with certain style paver deck installations. One of the ways we can help is by installing decks for second story balconies. If you are a property owner, this can be a great enhancement to make to your property. It will increase usable space, and will give prospective or current tenants more space. When installing a second story deck, you can have an entrance through back doors in the area, or by installing stairs.


As you consider what enhancements to make to your restaurant or commercial establishment, paver decks are a great investment. For restaurants especially, this can help to maximize your space, allowing you to serve more customers that will increase revenue. In addition, installing pavers throughout your walkways around your commercial building, can create a smooth walkable ADA safe surface.


There are a variety of materials that Rhino Roofing relies on when it comes to installing paver decks, including rubber and concrete.

Rubber:  Outdoor rubber patios and decks are an ideal, comfortable solution for walking on. These are commonly used for pool areas, decks, parking lots, sports complexes, playgrounds, and more. Rubber outdoor flooring is a durable solution, known for long-term use. It is resistant to the sun’s harsh UV rays, in addition to rain, snow, and other harsh outdoor conditions. Rubber pavers are often made from recycled materials.

Concrete: One of the most popular tried and true materials for outdoor  second story patios is concrete. Often used in the restaurant industry, concrete makes a great solution for patios. Concrete is versatile, allowing you to choose the design that works best for your home, residential property, or commercial establishment.


Rhino Roofing is proud to use Dinoflex and Wasuau Tile for our outdoor paver solutions.
Dinoflex uses recycled rubber pavers that are easy to walk on, and environmentally friendly.
Wasuau Tile creates pavers in the United States, allowing you to take pride that you are supporting an American made product for your paver installation. They are a manufacturer or architectural concrete, terrazzo and metal products. They also are a leader in innovative and sustainable manufacturing processes, including using recycled materials and other green technology.

Experts of Installation

If you need to repair or install paver decks at your residential property or commercial establishment, Rhino Roofing can help. For over 25 years, we have been helping those in Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota.
Our quality work is done quickly and efficiently, to ensure little disruption to your business. Plus, we work with great partners and use the best materials to ensure your investment lasts for decades.