Low Slope Roofing

As you are looking to replace or repair your low slope roof, at Rhino Roofing we’re the experts that you can trust for the job.

We Know Low Slope Roofing

Low slope roofing is often flat or almost flat, which has its pros and cons. As a businessowner, having a flat surface above your establishment can be beneficial as it creates extra space for extra items or areas, such as a rooftop garden. A low slope roof also helps for those looking for energy efficient solutions that help to keep the inside of the building at temperature by ensuring hot or cool air isn’t coming in. It can also be lightweight.

That being said, we know the challenges that low slope roofing can have, especially when it comes to making sure water makes it off the surface properly. If you have a low or flat roof on your facility, our team has the expertise to ensure water makes it way not just off of your roof, but away from the foundation of your business.

Mastering Water Flow

When choosing Rhino Roofing to repair or install a new low slope roof on your building, our roofing specialists will make sure there is proper water flow that will not lead to any issues to the inside of the building. This is important through proper gutters and inner drains, and overflow or scupper drains.

We know that with roofs, not only do we need to make sure water is properly flowing off your roof, but there is also not debris piling up around its surfaces. This is where interior inner drains play an important role. These drains are installed to bring in water that comes in and then directs it to the proper locations–and away from your establishment. Scuppers are openings along the roof that are also used to assist with draining water. They help water to flow along the side of the low slope roof to keep it from pooling in one place. It accomplishes this by having water runoff the top of your roof and off of it on a metal edge, wall, or downspout.

Experts of Installation

If you are wondering if you need to repair or replace your low slope roof, for over 25 years, we have been helping business owners in Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota. You can rely on us to tell you when issues can be fixed, to help you save on your budget, or when it makes financial sense to install a new roof.

Our quality work is done quickly and efficiently, to ensure little disruption to your business. Plus, we work with great partners and use the best materials to ensure your investment lasts for decades.