Consulting / Inspections

Rhino Roofing specializes in cost engineering complicated roofing systems.  Sometimes, well-constructed roofing systems leak during certain storm events, often due to a simple problem. It takes a trained eye to inspect a roof properly and incorporate a detail to resolve that roofing condition.

Consulting in the roofing industry is overrun with many individuals pretending to be qualified. In some cases, these individuals have very few or no credentials or the experience to back up their findings. At Rhino Roofing, we offer consulting and design advice backed by Ryan Verstreater, an RRO since 2009. With millions of square feet of successful commercial flat roofing installations and the designation of RRO issued under RCI, you can be assured that his advice is ethically correct and completely industry standard. Some of the services offered are:

  • RRO commercial project observation and reporting.
  • Solutions for problematic flat roofing slope and drainage.
  • Residential job observation for the owner.
  • Residential roofing certifications with warranty.
  • New construction design and roof system assembly.
  • Rhino Industries serving: Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota.