Commercial Roofing Systems

Rhino Roofing understands and appreciates the everyday demands involved with the seamless operation of your commercial property. When installing a new roof, or working on your roof at your commercial space or home base, we take the extra step while working above you. It is important for us to learn your hours and employee/customer habits for the building. We customize a process with you so that we are not a nuisance, but the problem solver, that we were hired for. We pride ourselves on tailoring the re-roofing process with you so that your daily activities are not ignored and your business can operate without un necessary havoc. Although the roofing process should be considered major construction we value your time and business like our own.

There are many options for roofing repairs, and re-roofing systems for Commercial and Industrial buildings. We will first cost engineer the best options for you. We know all of the roofing systems that work well in our climate and take into consideration the smell, noise level of the installation with different systems, cleanliness, and time frame needed for each product. We then will discuss these with you, and “Hear” your ideas before moving forward with the cost.

All of the products on the market have a place in the market. We take the time to offer the best option for you after learning your budget, time frame, agenda, Etc. We do not sell one particular product over another just because everybody else does. With all due respect, If you are basing your decision for a contractor on price point alone, we are unlikely the company for you. We are often not going to be the least expensive.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”- Benjamin Franklin

Rhino Roofing has expertise with the two main types of commercial roofing: Low slope (or flat) and steep slope roofing.
Low slope roofing has a very minimal pitch to it, or no pitch at all. With this type of roofing, one of the challenges is ensuring water is directed off the roof, and there is no ponding. By choosing Rhino Roofing to install new low slope roofing, you can rest assured that we have the expertise and experience to make sure problems do not arise later after your investment settles in. Rhino Roofing offers low sloped roofing warranties from 10-30 years depending on product and other factors. Rhino Roofing is an Authorized installer of Versico Roofing Systems. Versico offers all of the roofing product solutions available in the single ply market.

While common for residential roofing, steep slope roofing is also used for commercial buildings as well. It has great aesthetic appeal and because of the greater pitch it’s easier for water to drain off into the proper areas.

Experts at Installation As your local roofing expert, Rhino Roofing has the expertise and good reputation to replace either of these systems.